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The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters

A complete guide to making universal laws work for you

Discover the Powerful, Enlightening and Moving Teachings of the Grand Masters...

"Imagine having within your hands the complete synthesis of the Great Works of the Grand Masters.... a condensed version of the secret teachings of success... the distilled essence of living an extraordinary and truly fulfilling life."
Ten Powers Book

"There are powers inside of you, which, if you could discover and use, would make of you everything you ever dreamed or imagined you could become." Success Magazine

Lytho Avalon
From the E-Desk of Lytho Avalon

Dear Friend,

I've got to get this off my chest before I explode! I've put a wealth of information together! It has worked for me but now I want to share it with you.

Hi, my name is Lytho Avalon and I'd like to share a story with you...

In 1983, I was speaking two weekends in a row in Brooklyn New York. The audiences' faces were oozing with joy and a positive energy filled the room. But when it was over, it felt incomplete. I realized I needed to learn how to get my information to stick in their mind, and more importantly, motivate them to practice it.

Since then, I've been on a quest to find out what I could do to help people get the most out of my information and learn how to make that information work to their benefit. Most people know that it is only through practice you experience the real purpose of life and enjoy your days on earth...

"It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the stairs."" Vaclav Havel

Has this ever happened to you?

You're sitting in a conference room listening to a speaker talk about the financial secrets of becoming a millionaire, when you realize "hey, I already know these secrets...if I already know these secrets, why don't I have wealth and success like they do?".

After more than 40 years of experience and research I have found, synthesised and condensed the greatest teachings of success by the great masters. I call them "The Ten Attributes".

Why ten? Is this list of ten really enough? Are all the Universal Laws represented by just ten names?

The truth is: We are complete already. We don't need anything else. Whatever divine attributes you practice it will always be ten powers or complete divine power. The spiritual meaning of the number ten is "the complete" or "what is complete". Ten powers in the spiritual sense are equivalent to complete power. Ten, in the spiritual sense, includes the eleventh element or power. It includes the one hundredth element. It includes the one thousandth one. Actually, it includes all the powers or attributes you could ever conceive. These ten attributes are a pathway to your success, or complete power. You lack nothing to succeed.

Dr. Demartini

Dr. John Demartini

"Imagine having within in your hands or before your eyes a magical and inspiring book that contains a synthesis of the great works of the grand masters; that has condensed the secrets teachings of success and has distilled the essence of living an extraordinary and truly fulfilling life. Lytho Avalon has created it. His book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you will transform your life by its very first reading. I read this special book straight through and couldn't stop or put it down. It was powerful, enlightening and moving. Filled with quotations that will inspire, it is a must read for anyone dedicated to living an extraordinary life and desiring to experience the profound richness life truly has to offer"

Dr. John Demartini

Dr. John F. Demartini, STAR IN THE MOVIE "THE SECRET", International speaker, consultant and best-selling author of the books: "The Breakthrough Experience - A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation" and "How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still get to Heaven"


Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle

"Lytho has offered a valuable resource to those who are ready to change their lives for the better. This book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you will make a difference for you.""

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, Best Selling Author of Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century and Creator of the First and Only Cyber Therapy of its Kind!


Let's take a closer look. These ten attributes were discovered after researching the lives and qualities of the grand masters of success. In them you will find the foundation of all the different attributes which enable the Universe to guide these people to success.

But more importantly I have developed a powerful way to help you put into practice all the information you learn. Through a surprisingly simple method, you convince yourself, motivate yourself and practice the knowledge that you learn.
Now consider what happens:

1. Okay, you might know by heart the universal laws, how they work and how to use them, but still be wondering how do they work for you.

2. Of course, this magical book, teaches you how to make them work for you every moment of your life.

3.Let's say that you are facing a terrible challenge, so you open the book, find a motivational quote and it inspires you to go ahead and solve the very problem that had baffled you. Now you have made the universal law work for you.

""Henceforth, I ask not good fortune, I myself am good fortune." " Walt Whitman

Now the real power of this book is that you not only get the ten enlightened teachings of the grand masters, but you learn to put that knowledge into practice. At the end of every chapter you'll get simple, step-by-step exercises that enable you to put all the information into practice right away.

Don't worry. If you are tired and feel that life is a real burden, you pick up the book, turn to a page, start reading and find that you can't put the book down. When you finally lay it down, you feel refreshed, at peace and filled with enthusiasm and energy.

Anytime you feel discouraged, disheartened or worn out, just read the book or recall its information and practice the exercises. Then it will revive you again. You'll regain all the energy necessary to keep on going.

Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquetten

"The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you invites you to live the life you are destined and designed to live; one of personal power, absolute freedom and abundant love. If you are ready for such a life this book will show you the way."

Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette Ph. D. Best-selling author of eight books published in seventeen countries.


Here's your chance to:
  •  turn Sickness into Health
  •  turn a Scarcity Mentality into Abundance and Wealth
  •  turn Hate, Fear and Discouragement into Love and Happiness
  •  turn Impracticableness into Knowledge and Wisdom
  •  turn Loneliness into Wholeness and a Sense of Belonging
  •  turn Unemployment into Employment
  •  turn Vanity into Spirituality and Realization
  •  turn Slavery into Freedom
I could go on and on. As you can imagine, all of the information could be contained in a collection of many volumes. Today, you have the opportunity to get it all in a succinct, practical collection of 14 sections in only 172 pages. Plus it's all synthesised into a practical course that you can put to use right away.

"Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene." Christopher Benson

Best of all, it doesn't require an education. Who has benefited from developing these ten attributes?
  • high school drop-outs
  • high school graduates
  • College graduates
  • Those with Masters degrees
  • Even some with Doctorate degrees
The only real question to ask yourself is this. Am I open- minded and willing to follow instructions? Consider this, a "know-it-all" person will never receive the benefits of a "learn-it-all" one.

Will you go confidently in the direction of your dreams? Will you open your mind to benefit from the wisdom and teachings of the Grand Masters?

With this Guide to Success, you will quickly:
  • Develop an appealing persona that naturally gets people to do more for you
  • Feel prepared for success so you can take advantage of great opportunities.
  • Relax, leave your worry and stress behind while enhancing your spirituality.
  • Manifest the money you expect so you can enjoy life.
  • Improve your business life, church life, and community life.
  • Become more creative because you are in tune with the nfinite abundance of the universe.

Cindy Cashman

Cindy Cashman

I loved your book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you . You are very gifted at writing and there is no doubt in my mind that you are here to teach people the keys to living an abundant life. Thank you for sharing brilliant information in an easy to read format. I love what you said on page 1 of your book 'You reach real success when you learn to be happy first; everything else is just added'. Some of my favorites are page 28 'the simpler you are the easier life is', page 89 'the components of everything are blocks of energy arranged according to our thoughts' and I love the song on page 132 'My sacred self guides me I feel it, I feel it, I feel it'

Cindy Cashman

Million Selling Author


Plus, you'll get...

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Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale

"...Friend Lytho Avalon reveals how the laws of the Universe work in his new e-book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you "

Dr. JoE Vitale

Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, STAR IN THE MOVIE "THE SECRET"


Terri Levine

Terri Levine

"If you have ever picked up a book on universal laws and how they work or how to use them and found yourself still wondering at the end, 'Yes, but how do I make it work for me?', then you will find Lytho Avalon's new book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you the answer to your prayers. With easy to follow exercises at the end of each chapter, Lytho will not only help you to fully understand the laws of the universe, but you will learn how to get them to work for you in your own life. A thoroughly enjoyable read."

Terri Levine

Terri Levine. CEO of Coaching Instructions.com and Best-Selling Author of the book: "Work Yourself Happy" and other books.


I'm also giving you this 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

GUARANTEE: If The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked.:

That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.
Ten Powers Book
Finally! After all these years of trial and error, disappointments and frustrations - you'll have the tools needed to make these universal laws work for you.:

Go ahead and

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John Harricharan

John Harricharan

"It wasn't too long ago that Lytho Avalon's path crossed mine and I stopped and looked at what he was doing and where he was going. I was amazed at his wisdom... I was thrilled that he had accomplished so much... Follow the The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you and it will lead you on a journey full of peace, joy, success and all good things... Congratulations on writing a fantastic book".

"I have gone through your book and I want to tell you that you have put together some wonderful information. What you've written will help many people. Congratulations on a fine accomplishment, Lytho."

John Harricharan

John Harricharan. Award-winning author of the bestseller, "When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat".


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Lytho Avalon
Ten Powers Book
Ten Powers Book

I want you to prove to yourself that you can experience a truly fulfilling life. You can be motivated for success every moment of your life. It's worked for me and many others just like you. Don't put it off. You could be more confident; relaxed; at peace; and full of energy in as little as ten days.

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Heather O'Hara

Heather O'Hara

"I just wanted to tell you that I just finished reading your book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you . You did a wonderful job, Lytho... it is awesome! I really enjoyed reading it and I am going to recommend it to my friends and/or subscribers. ".

"Thank you again for writing such an inspiring book. It really is magic."

"Love AND Light,".

Heather O'Hara

Heather O'Hara. Author/Consultant.


Cyndi Smasal

Cyndi Smasal

"I've reviewed your website and your book The Ten Enlightened Teachings of the Grand Masters - A complete guide to making universal laws work for you . Your book is inspiring! It gave me just what I needed to hear today. "

Cyndi Smasal

Cyndi Smasal. Author and Consultant.


Jeannette Maw

Jeannette Maw

"Hello Lytho, You sound like you are a "strong Allower," as Abraham might say! ...Wow, look at you go!! Very well done!! I'm impressed, and positive you'll experience very nice success! smiling"

Jeannette Maw

Jeannette Maw, Salt Lake City, Utah. Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City, Utah helping clients leverage the Law of Attraction to make their wish lists come true.


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